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Wayanad is an amazing place for any visitor. It has a bewitching natural beauty with its coffee, tea and spices plantations, freshwater lakes, hills and mountains. The pleasant climate throughout the year makes Wayanad a slice of heaven on earth. The tribals and their way of life are quite interesting for the curious traveler. Come and explore the ethnic world of the tribals. There are many unique experiences you get from Wayanad. You can get coffee, tea, spices and honey fresh and pure with a natural touch. Even the rain in Wayanad has a special charm of its own.

Wayanad is rich with tourist attractions. It is a great place for the nature lover and the adventure lover. Beauty is all around in Wayanad in various forms and colours. Trekking through the mountains will be an unforgettable experience. A mere sight of the waterfalls, streams and ponds refreshes your mind. Historical monuments like the Pazhassi Tomb and Jain Temple add an old world charm to Wayanad. A trip to Wayanad is assured to be splendid.